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Wattanachot Tungateja.jpg

Name: Wattanachot Tungateja

Date of Birth: 1960

Birthplace: Nakhon Sawan, Thailand

Education: Thaiwijitslip Art School, Bangkok
           Graphic Art, Poh-Chang Art & Crafts College

           Art Education, Srinakharinwirot University

           Computer Graphics, University of California (UCLA)

Art Style: Painting – Acrylic, Mixed-media, Printmaking

Wattanachot Tungateja is an artist with a well-established career in multiple fields. Working as a graphic designer, art director, lecturer and a mixed-media artist, Wattanachot has earned his reputation as an innovative, multi-faceted creator. His career in art, in particular, has seen Wattanachot participate in well over 150 exhibitions in more than 15 countries with multiple solo, duo and trio shows in his portfolio.

It is this experience of the world that informs much of Wattanachot’s painting.  Many of his renowned collections of paintings - including the ‘Dreamscapes’, ‘Earth & Sky’ and ‘Mystery of Life’ series – are reflective of key periods of his travel, life and career.

Wattanachot’s art takes a very distinctive form, with the sprawling colours and textures commanding the attention of his audience. The colours are often manipulated to confront each other on the canvas with foreboding of the eyes in the picture adding to the titular mystery. 

In La Luna Gallery, we possess a collection of the aforementioned Mystery of Life series including pieces directly inspired by our home city of Chiang Mai.

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