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Name: Trirat Sriburin

Birthdate : 1984

Birthplace: Loei, Thailand 
Education: Master of Fine Arts (Graphic Arts) – Graduate School,    Silpakorn University, Bangkok

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) – Faculty of Fine and
Applied Arts, Mahasarakham University, Mahasarakham

Art Style: Painting, Printmaking, Pen-Ink on Paper

Trirat Sriburin is a Thai artist living and teaching in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Trirat is a multi-prize winning artist who has won scholarships, awards and invitations to illustrious exhibitions in London, Seoul, Bangkok and elsewhere.

Trirat’s work has progressed through his career as an artist, with a shift of focus to match his journey from the sparsely populated Loei district to the largest cities in Thailand. The rural depictions of his early art has made way for a sharper focus on the hectic urban lifestyle that more truly reflected his time in the megacity of Bangkok.

Whether it is in the form of a painting or as a drawing, Trirat is an expert at highlighting the paradoxes that exist within the metropolitan backdrop. His artworks manage to simultaneously portray a sense of uniformity and individuality. At a glance everything can look repetitive while a detailed look at the piece will show the audience something new and expressive with every analysis.

This social commentary on the possibility of loneliness even amongst such congestion highlights the work of an artist who continues to be influenced by modern society and emphasise the changing world throughout his work.



Whatever medium Trirat’s works take on, be it painting on canvas or framed drawings

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