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Name: Trinh Tuan

Birthdate : 1961

Birthplace: Hanoi, Vietnam 

Education: Graduated from the Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Art

           M.A from Vietnam Fine Arts University

           Lecturer at Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Art

Art Style: Painting – Lacquer, Acrylic

Trinh Tuan is a contemporary Vietnamese artist whose works adorn the walls of galleries, office buildings and private collections in every corner of the globe. As one of Vietnam’s leading artists, Tuan combines his successful art career with teaching his preferred method of lacquer painting to students at the Hanoi University of Fine Art. 

Tuan’s use of the lacquer method means that the use of alternative materials (including gold leaf, silver leaf and egg shell among others) is prevalent in his work. These techniques are used masterfully to express the strength of emotion regularly seen in Tuan’s work.
His illustrious portfolio of work often centres on either a lone figure or a couple displaying the full spectrum of feeling from loneliness to resoluteness and despair to joy.  The deep colours in his work allow the figures to stand out and connect with the audience while the contrast of the gentle curvature and the sharp protrusions signify the struggle of his subjects further still.

Tuan also acts as a leader among the wider Asian art scene, with his organisation Asia Art Link bringing together many artists  in the region to make sure they have opportunities to collaborate, exhibit widely and continue their upwards journey as artists. As a long-time collaborator of the both carnations of La Luna Gallery and a great friend of many in the Chiang Mai art scene, Tuan remains one of the most popular artists on display at the gallery. 

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