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Name: Suk Tai

Birthplace: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Education: Diploma in Fine Art – Malaysian Institute of Art

           Diploma of Higher Education – Chelsea College of Art

           Development Certificate in Design – London College of               Fashion Professionals

Art Style: Painting – Oil Colours, Acrylic, Watercolours

Suk Tai is an award-winning Malaysian painter with solo exhibitions across three continents and group exhibitions that have displayed her works around the globe. 

Suk’s style has progressed over time with a steady transition from vibrant and innocent works towards a darker, more visceral look at the world we live in. The introspection of her works is clear to see, with her family and the world they live in at the forefront of much of her painting.  

The works on display in our gallery confront the viewer to consider the struggles and challenges of our lives, as well as the 

They highlight the work of a continuously evolving artist whose reflections on our world leads to many in her audience to open up a dialogue within about the wider world. 

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