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Wine & Paint Night at La Luna Gallery

The first Wine & Paint group at La Luna
The first Wine & Paint group at La Luna

La Luna Gallery recently hosted a test run for an exciting new event we plan to launch later in the year; our Wine & Paint evenings. The emphasis of the event is to create your own unique artwork in a relaxed and sociable environment. The class is led by artist and art teacher Debbie Foss and allows everyone, whether or not they have any artistic experience, to create a painting from scratch.

Unlike many other painting classes, the La Luna Wine & Paint night does not make sure our guests all paint the same thing. Instead, Debbie takes our painters through the entire experience of planning, sketching and painting something that can tell your own personal story; whatever you want it to be.

Boom explains the motivation behind his creation

Surrounded by the beautiful artworks in our gallery and with food and wine provided, our guests enjoyed a night unlike any other available to enjoy in Chiang Mai. Our team were on hand to make sure the glasses never ran empty so that the guests could focus all of their attention on their paintings. By the end of the class, everyone had surprised themselves with the work they were able to produce. A variety of paintings were created, with some as different as an ocean landscape, fields of flowers and dancers on the beach showing that each person has something special that they want their artwork to represent.

La Luna Gallery will be hosting one more test event to make sure that we can refine the experience even more for our customers before hosting our first Wine & Paint evenings open to the public towards the end of the year. Get in touch over our Facebook page or our contact form to learn more details and register your interest.

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