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Name: Le The Anh

Date of Birth: 1978

Birthplace: Hanoi, Vietnam

Member Of: Hanoi Artist Group
           Vietnam Artist Group

Art Style: Fine Art Painting – Oil Colours, Acrylic, Portraiture

Le The Anh is a Vietnamese artist with a wide portfolio of work in painting as well as graphic and costume design. This body of work has seen Le’s work displayed on television as well as in solo and group exhibitions throughout Asia. 

Le The Anh’s works take a sincere look at his subjects, with his work at La Luna Gallery highlighting some of his intricate portraiture. Each piece of art Le produces is meticulously crafted with stunning attention to detail. As a result, his works are able to betray the complex emotions of his subjects and allows the audience to project their own sense of empathy on the picture. 

While the subjects of Le’s artwork vary widely, what is consistent across his work is his ability to capture the authenticity of those he paints. 

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