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Le Khuy

Name: Le Khuy

Date of Birth: 1983

Birthplace: Hai Duong, Vietnam

Education: BA Hanoi Industrial Fine Art University
           MA Hanoi Industrial Fine Art University

Art Style: Sculptures – Ceramics, Clay

Le Khuy is a contemporary sculptor from Vietnam whose works have been displayed across Asia including at official UNESCO exhibitions. 

Le’s work primarily looks at people as well as their connections and emotions. His creations therefore carry a relatability for his audience through the gestures, expressions and implications on display

As a result, the sculptures from Le Khuy at La Luna Gallery tend to draw two complementary reactions from those who view his work. The first is usually an admiration of the skill demonstrated and the detail achieved in the sculptures. Afterwards, our guests tend to take the time to dig deeper into the meanings and intentions behind the impressive sculptures. 

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