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Name: Eddy Sulistyo

Date of Birth: 1977

Birthplace: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Education: Indonesian Institute of Art, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Art Style: Painting – Oil Colours, Acrylic, Mix Media

Eddy Sulistyo is an Indonesian artist whose paintings have won him awards from the Ministry of Indonesian Culture and the Jakarta Heritage Society among others. With regular appearances at art exhibitions, workshops and festivals throughout Asia, Eddy has gained a reputation in the region for his thought-out portfolio of work.

The spiritual side of the artist comes across in many of his works, with iconography and symbolism often layered throughout his paintings. His subtle use of spectral figures has become a hallmark of Eddy’s work and accentuates a feeling of other-worldness.

No matter how many times one views Eddy’s work, there is always more detail to be discovered and another perspective to be considered. His collection at La Luna Gallery reflects this, with his time spent in Chiang Mai acting as a particular inspiration. 

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