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D-Y kim.jpg

Name: Dong Yeoun Kim

Date of Birth: 1963

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Education: College of Fine Arts – Young Nam University

Art Style: Painting – Oil Colours, Acrylic, Engraving

Dong Yeoun Kim is multi-disciplinary artist with a storied career as a photographer, illustrator, cartoonist and artist. As the latter, Kim is a prolific exhibitor. Recent years have seen his work in demand both in his native South Korea and across Asia and Europe. 

Much of Kim’s painting work concerns tranquil landscapes with mountains, grasslands, cliffs and valleys all prominently featured. His use of depth and texture creates a sense of grandeur beyond the borders of the canvas. As a result, Dong Yeoun Kim’s works in La Luna Gallery have proven to be among the paintings most thoroughly examined by our visitors with the detail present in every facet of his work commanding attention. 

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