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Name: Doan Hoang Lam

Date of Birth: 1970

Birthplace: Hanoi, Vietnam

Education: Fine Arts Faculty of Theater & Cinema

  Painting Faculty of the Vietnam Fine Arts University

Art Style: Painting, Acrylic on Canvas, Oil On Canvas, Lacquer

Doan Hoang Lam is a Vietnamese artist who has participated in more than 40 exhibitions around the world, including 10 solo shows.

Lam’s artworks take a very intimate look at the human body. Often, his work is overtly sensual, confronting the audience with visceral depictions of our physical form. On other occasions, there is a subtext present in his work challenging the audience to empathise with the vulnerability and intricacies of his subject.

By painting in several mediums, Lam is able to express different complexities throughout his work. In his works at La Luna Gallery, visitors can see varying states of anxiety, confidence and trepidation subtly put onto canvas.

Doan Hoang Lam was also one of the Vietnamese artists featured in the 2016 book ‘Vietnam Eye’ which formed part of the Global Eye Programme for Contemporary Art.

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