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Name: Cong Kim Hoa

Birthdate : 1962

Birthplace: Hanoi, Vietnam 

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Hanoi Industrial Fine Arts College

Art Style: Painting – Lacquer

Cong Kim Hoa is a Vietnamese lacquer specialist whose work has spread from her studio in Hanoi to exhibitions and collections in five continents and more than 25 countries.

As a lacquer artist, Hoa’s work is created through a long and meticulous process involving the application of many layers and the use of unorthodox materials. The result is an artwork that will invariably highlight the technical skill and level of care placed into all of Cong Kim Hoa’s portfolio.

The artwork itself is often semi-abstract, with figures and items distinguishable among the compositions. Faces, flowers and other animals can often be discerned from the rich colours and emotive shapes that dominate the canvas and grab the audience’s attention.

Most clear, however, is the elegance evident in the work of Cong Kim Hoa which is a reflection of the tranquillity of much of her subject matter based from her life in Vietnam alongside the other artists of her family, Trinh Tuan & Trinh Nhat Vu.

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